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Custom VCT/LVT Flooring in Miami & Broward

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Custom VCT/LVT Flooring in Miami & Broward

VCT/LVT Flooring, Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) and Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)  are two additional flooring options that serve as more cost-effective alternatives to wood flooring. LVT is a solid vinyl product while VCT is somewhat less durable and is manufactured with only an 8%-12% vinyl wear layer over a compressed or composite mixture of limestone and clay.

LVT typically offers a wider variety of design options to consumers, including an assortment of rich and colorful natural earth tones, various wood species, and even stone or ceramic visuals. LVT additionally offers ease of installation and maintenance, while its durable, abrasive resistant wear layer renders it even more attractive.

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With our team of professional’s carpenters, floor installers and management staff, we do much more than just install flooring; we offer a fully integrated service. we are always looking for the latest tendencies on flooring industry as well as the popular floor and finishes that can transform any kind of design and style concept into reality. From solid hardwood timbers to Carpet Flooring, Commercial Flooring, Laminate Flooring, VCT/LVT Flooring and custom Engineered Flooring, we have every single option of flooring surfaces available in the market. Top Flooring Miami’s team of professionally qualified installers has the capability to do everything from floating timber stairs, to hand-crafted masterpieces to suit any kind of personal taste, design and budget. All of our Executives, staff and installers have a knowledge and experience, to providing the best experience to each customers, whether or not they be homeowners or business owners, we provide a comprehensive range of high quality product..

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