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Custom Wood Flooring in Miami & Broward

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Custom Wood Flooring in Miami & Broward

Offering a substantial amount of versatility in both function and design, wood flooring has demonstrated impressive staying power as both a flooring surface option and in its position as one of the most popular over time. Wood flooring provides consumers with a wide variety of options, all of which are available through Contempo Home Interiors.

Due to its diverse array of appearances, wood flooring is a particularly ideal selection for homes and businesses with expansive, open areas. Grains and patterns that are prevalent within its surfaces prove optimal in breaking the monotony of a room, and this can be further accentuated by the incorporation of plank, parquet, and small piece decorative hardwood installations.

Softwoods and Hardwoods

Softwood Flooring:  Softwood flooring is comprised of materials from a variety of trees, most commonly Pine, Fir, and Cedar. These species tend to grow very rapidly, making their material easily attainable. Softwood offers a great deal of unique patterns and is also considered highly eco-friendly.

Hardwood Flooring:  In contrast to species that produce softwood, hardwood materials are harvested from species that have a much more deliberate growth rate. This produces a wood that is much denser and as a result, much more durable, than softwood counterparts.

Hardwood flooring boasts a collection of appealing qualities, allowing it to maintain a wide degree of popularity despite having been in use continuously for thousands of years.

One of its most obvious attractions is its ability to help recreate the feel of an outdoor environment within the comfortable confines of home. With its rich and dense colors and overall appearance, this type of flooring is instrumental in establishing a rustic yet elegant environment in any space it is utilized in.

Hard wood flooring also enables those who select it to enjoy the aesthetic benefits of its highly individualized designs. Considering that every plank, board, or strip of a hardwood floor has its own individual patterns, and colors, coupled with the fact that there are a host of different species of domestic, imported, common, and exotic hardwoods to choose from, it’s easy to see why it is often the choice for those consumers wishing to add a true touch of elegance to their home or business.

Miami Wood Flooring Company

With our team of professional’s carpenters, floor installers and management staff, we do much more than just install flooring; we offer a fully integrated service. we are always looking for the latest tendencies on flooring industry as well as the popular floor and finishes that can transform any kind of design and style concept into reality. From solid hardwood timbers to Carpet Flooring, Commercial Flooring, Laminate Flooring, VCT/LVT Flooring and custom Engineered Flooring, we have every single option of flooring surfaces available in the market. Top Flooring Miami’s team of professionally qualified installers has the capability to do everything from floating timber stairs, to hand-crafted masterpieces to suit any kind of personal taste, design and budget. All of our Executives, staff and installers have a knowledge and experience, to providing the best experience to each customers, whether or not they be homeowners or business owners, we provide a comprehensive range of high quality product..

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