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Custom Faux Window Coverings in Miami & Broward

Faux Wood Blinds can often serve as the perfect alternative to traditional wood blinds, especially in areas of high humidity or in rooms that typically experience high traffic. Although they are 60-100% heavier than conventional blinds and offer a limited range of color options, they are very cost-effective and provide significant durability.

Faux wood blinds do not offer as wide a range of slats widths as traditional wood blinds doFaux wood blinds are available in 2″ and 2 ½” slats and are usually constructed of PVC or a Composite blend of PVC and wood pulp. Faux wood blinds are made available in two types of slats, those being curved slats and flat slats, each offering their own unique advantages. Curved slats provide greater light control for dark rooms while flat slats offer a modest look that are highly effective in mimicking the look of wood blinds.

Available Faux Wood Blinds options offered by Contempo include Routless and Cloth Tapes wood blinds.

Faux wood blinds will not warp or crack with changes in moisture and are therefore the optimal choice for use in areas or rooms with high levels of humidity and moisture, particularly where filter water collects. The two main types of faux wood blinds available, both offered by Contempo, are PVC Faux Wood Blinds and composite faux wood blinds.

Why choose Faux Wood Blinds for our home?

These types of Window Coverings are made with slats that allow us to regulate the entrance of light to our space. This is one of the main reasons why our customers choose for this system. It also acts as blinds since, in addition to allowing sunlight to pass through, it can also block it, it is enough to place the slats superimposed. Other advantages of this system for your home are that it is easy, simple, decorative and elegant Window Coverings solution for your home or business.

Do they really imitate wood?

Faux Wood Blinds receives this name because the result is very similar to real wood. The slats are made of high quality PVC or a Composite blend of PVC and wood pulp. The advantage of Faux Wood Blinds is that imitate wood and this system is much cheaper because the material with which they are manufactured is cheaper than wood.

What wood shades are available?

You can choose three different wood shades for your Faux Wood Blinds: pine, oak and cherry. The three tones combine very well with all homes and give them a warm atmosphere. To choose one or the other you can do it by combining it with the frame of the door or window where they will be installed or also choosing a tone similar to the furniture that is in the room. Faux wood blinds are made available in two types of slats, curved slats and flat slats, each offering their own unique advantages. Curved slats provide greater light control for dark rooms while flat slats offer a modest look that are highly effective in mimicking the look of wood blinds.

Which room is the best place to place these Window Coverings?

The main difference of Faux Wood Blinds is that although they are made of PVC they manage to transmit a feeling of warmth to the room. All the rooms can be decorated with these Window Coverings, from bedrooms, youth rooms, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens or even bathrooms.

What system do we have to operate Faux Wood Blinds?

We have two systems among which you can choose for the installation of your Window Coverings:

Rod and cord: This is the system most used by our customers. The rod allows us to orient the slats so that more or less amount of light enters. With the cord we can raise and lower the slats completely or leave them at the height we want.
Single-lever chain: When we pull the chain, the slats go up or down and to orient the slats, just pull in the opposite direction. A mechanism used when we want a more comfortable system.

Guide to Cleaning Wooden Blinds

Once installed the wooden blinds will last a long time and if you use the proper techniques to clean them, you will save time and give you even more useful life time. Often, just sliding a clean, dry cloth around the blind during the week and a more extensive cleaning on weekends is enough to keep your wooden blinds looking like new.

Wooden blinds can be cleaned in a variety of ways, including vacuum cleaner. Soft microfiber towels work well. Each of these methods guarantees that dust is picked up and kept blinds slats properly.
If your wood blinds are installed to a high window in particular, use a step ladder so you can reach the highest level. Make sure you are secure and don’t need to hold the blinds for support, you can fall and pulling them down!

Check for stains on your wooden blind. If they are not removed, try a very moderate detergent or a wood cleaner. Once you’ve banished the stain, make sure to dry and moist areas as possible completely.

When cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, use a brush accessory that will gently remove dust and dirt. The soft brush bristles perform the technique without the risk of damage! Adjust the blind to a closed position, so the slats sit on top of each other closely. The slats should never be pressured, simple adjusted using the cord mechanism provided.

Once adjusted, you can start cleaning your wooden blind then vacuum-cleaning from the beginning to the end of the slats. Once complete, reverse the position of your blinds so you can repeat the process on the other side of the slats.

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