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Custom Patio Blinds in Miami & Broward

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Custom Patio Blinds in Miami & Broward

Outdoor Shades: Porches, patios, and decks allow you to enjoy the usually ideal weather that South Florida is known for. However, when the excessive heat of the summer months make its presence felt, it is necessary to have effective protection and comfort in order to partake of these amenities for any length of time.
With this in mind, outdoor shades provide an appealing combination of functionality and visual appeal. Since these shades tend to be larger and installed in higher, harder-to-access areas, a remote controlled-version is often ideal, allowing the user to control the amount of light streaming into a patio with the touch of a button.
Outdoor shades are typically hung outside porch windows, allowing them to block the sun before its rays reach the glass panes and impact the temperature and comfort level of the room they are shielding. In this way, outdoor shades provide the additional benefit of keeping cooling bills at a tolerable level in South Florida’s tropical climate.

Patio Outdoor Blinds

Contempo Home Interiors provides you with high-quality Outdoor Shades for both residential and commercial property. You can see evidence of our top quality Outdoor Shades that have been installed at many homes, cafes and restaurants throughout Miami, Broward and West Palm Beach.

All Contempo Home Interiors Patio Blinds are personally measured, designed and custom made to guarantee the best look for your home or business, after all, by installing Patio Blinds, we will add value and style to your home or business. Your friends, family or customers will be surprised of how you can enjoy all year outdoor living.

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Miami Outdoor Shades

Contempo Interiors offers a complete variety of Miami Patio Blinds options for its commercial and residential customers. South Florida is known for its beautiful yet occasionally extreme weather conditions, and Contempo provides you with all of the choices to help stay protected from the elements while still enjoying the outdoors with a superior selection of Outdoor Shades. Contempo offers a wide selection of the best brands of commercial-grade light weight aluminum shades, zebra shades, roller shades, and cellular shades, zebra blinds, Outdoor Shades,  zebra window blinds, Patio Blinds assuring that we cover the full spectrum of this very popular category!

Zebra Shades

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Roller Shades

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Outdoor Shades

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