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Custom Pleated Blinds in Miami & Broward

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Custom Pleated Blinds in Miami & Broward

Pleated shades offer the ideal combination of the uniformity of solid fabric shades with the aesthetics and functionality of horizontal blinds, all at a cost-effective rate. Contempo Interiors offers pleated shades in a variety of fabrics and light filtration options that range from sheer to solid opaque. Contempo’s pleated shades selections include shades with liners that serve to improve light filtration and offer an extra degree of privacy to any room it is utilized in.

Contempo makes pleated shades available with two different control options:

  • Top Down/Bottom Up – This feature allows you to simultaneously raise the bottom of the shade and the top of the shade, giving you even greater control over direct sunlight and glare. This is especially helpful if you want to brighten your room but reduce direct sun.
  • Top Down – This feature only allows you to control the bottom edge of the shade as with most traditional shades. Although it does not give you maximum light control, the top down pleated shades feature is available in wider styles for big windows.

The continuous cord loop that pleated shades are made available with allow for their controlled raising and lowering. They also offer the added benefits of considerable durability and an easy-to-clean surface. Contempo offers pleated shades for a wide variety of windows, including arched windows, circles, and skylights.

Benefits of Pleated Window Blinds

Custom Pleated Blinds from Contempo Home Interiors  are an attractive alternative for areas with a calming and relaxing atmosphere. They produce a diffuse light and whilst solid engineered have a delicate appearance and fine level of detail. The aesthetic is based on an ancient Chinese form of shading where paper was pleated and soaked in oil to control light and shadow. Contempo Home Interiors pleated blinds incorporates advanced fabrics with advanced manufacturing processes with hidden cords as well as motorization options. Pleated blinds retract to an incredibly small sizing, and frequently present an alternative to projects with reduced space at window heads or for window openings with shallow depth. Fabric choices contain reflective backing for improved solar resistance. This kind of internal window blind, becoming lightweight and rigid over the width is usually suitable to infrequent shapes and overhead applications.

Key Features

  • Considerable range of Pleated blinds colors and effects
  • Incredibly small compacted dimension
  • Solution for difficult access spaces
  • Light-weight and flexible Pleated blinds to many situations
  • Hand-operated control or motorization
  • More and more control options incorporating setting up automation


  • You should never apply pressure when trying to raise the blind, handle it carefully
  • Prevent manipulating the fabric with your hand
  • Stay away from the fabric on the sides rubbing with foreign objects or sharp
  • When cleaning Pleated blinds be careful in case of applying brushes these are of soft bristles
  • You should never use washing machines for washing, cleaning or dry cleaning
  • You should never use detergents or abrasive liquids
  • In the event of a lot of dirt it is suggested to contact us for maintenance

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Miami Pleated Shades

Contempo Interiors offers a complete variety of Miami Pleated Shades options for its commercial and residential customers. South Florida is known for its beautiful yet occasionally extreme weather conditions, and Contempo provides you with all of the pleated shades choices to help stay protected from the elements while still enjoying the outdoors with a superior selection of exterior shades. Contempo offers a wide selection of the best brands of commercial-grade light weight aluminum shades, zebra shades, roller shades, and cellular shades, zebra blinds, zebra window blinds, pleated blinds, pleated shades assuring that we cover the full spectrum of this very popular category!

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