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Roller Window Shades in Miami & Broward

Contempo Home Interiors Roller Window Shades are one of the most popular choices in these days since they offer excellent design, privacy and comfort at a lowest cost. These window treatments can give a sophisticated look to any interior and at the same time can provide an ideal shading solution.
Our Solar / Roller Shades  come in a wide range of colors, fabrics and designs and can be custom made to match any decoration. The flexible selection of fabrics and materials also can improve the shading performance. You can choose translucent or blackout fabrics that makes Solar / Roller Shades ideal for installation in any room.
Solar / Roller Shades  can be supplied with a motorized or a chain driven system each of those are very efficient and easy to operate. Such convenience will enable to gain control over the lighting in any room therefore creating a more comfortable and relaxing natural environment. Contempo Home Interiors roller shades can be also assembled on a smart Dual Bracket System that will make it possible to regulate the light with one chain control.

The efficiency and filtration performance have made Solar Shades one of the most popular window treatments in South Florida homes and business. Today, solar shades are taken into consideration to be the most efficient ways to control heat and sunlight that comes from the outside the house, since they allow partial or complete blackout of the sunlight. If you wish your rooms to look warm and welcoming, then you should definitely choose our Roller Shades. Our products will absolutely suit your demands since they range of colors, fabrics, textures and designs.

Benefits of Roller Window Shades


Solar / Roller Shades can be an excellent decision if you are looking for window treatments whose style and structure are simple and functional as well. Usually, contemporary roller blinds keep very closely to the home window since their unique fabric hangs in back of the roller system. This kind of structure creates appropriate lines and obtains full control of the light that comes from the exterior. Contempo Home Interiors Roller Window Shades will always keep closely to your home window as a result creating an attractive look as well as, fitting perfectly into the total design of your spaces.


Another advantage of roller window shades is definitely their flexibility which is guaranteed by the selection of fabrics. The range of materials consist of semitransparent, sunscreen as well as blackout fabrics all of these can be exclusively created with your preferred colors and designs. If you are searching for a product to block sunlight glare and dangerous UV rays, then sunscreen fabric will probably be your right solution. If you want to block the light totally and then create a great ambiance of privacy and darkness, then you definitely need to choose blackout fabrics. In the event that not one of the above fits your requirements, you must choose the standard translucent fabric that can provide a combination of both choices.


Roller Window Shades are really one of the most convenient types of window treatments to use since they can be equipped with many different operating systems including spring assisted, motorized and chain driven roller window shades. If you choose motorized and chain driven roller, you will get all of your window shades connected together. This will be able to open and close multiple window shades simultaneously without reaching to each structure separately. Such strategy will be especially suitable for anyone that has a lot of furniture in front of the Roller Window Shades.


Durability of roller window shades is guaranteed by metal tubes, superior fabrics and the best operating systems. Having purchased Contempo Home Interiors roller window shades, you can be sure that they will function just like new even after 10 years. Additionally, the roller shade we provide will never lose color from the sunlight since all of the materials we use have been previously treated to resist ultraviolet (uv) sun rays.
Extremely versatile, efficient and elegant, Contempo Home Interiors roller shades will become excellent window treatments for your property. Our products are made-to-measure in order to meet your own requirements. We only use superior quality fabrics and hardware to offer the best appearance and exclusive style. Our variety of roller shades comes with a huge selection of textures, colors and designs that vary from classic to contemporary styles. Whether the overall look you are looking for is simple or luxurious, Contempo Home Interiors Roller Window Shades will always appear amazing.

Dual Roller Shades

Double roller window blinds, also called dual roller shades, are unique types of window coverings which incorporate two fabrics on the same window with the support of a double bracket system. These kinds of shades are consequently very useful because they are able to do two jobs for the same cost.
You may combine translucent fabrics and blackout fabrics inside the same structure and receive better control over sunlight which comes through your windows and an extra layer of insulation for your home or business. Dual roller shades are perfect for any time. In the daytime they can be used to create a smooth diffused light and at night time they can provide you with complete privacy and darkness.
Dual roller shades can be found in a wide selection of fabrics with different degrees of light control. They can be combined to match your interior decoration and control the amount of light you need to filter. Blackout roller window shades can be used to efficiently control warmth and glare. They are able to enhance your areas by adding an elegant and smooth appearance to your property. Translucent fabrics in contrast can be used to obtain any level of translucency or light filtration.

Benefits of Dual roller/solar shades:


Dual roller shades as the name suggests incorporate two different types of fabrics and for that reason can create different degrees of sunlight filtration inside your areas. If you opt to combine sunscreen fabrics with a heavier fabric you will be able to switch between full darkness and moderate light diffusion which eliminates the need to purchase two different window blinds.


Two layers of fabrics let lowering the cold loss in a more efficient way. Dual roller blinds can be used as extra insulation; they can become ideal for keeping heat outside of your property during summer seasons. Dual roller shades will make you be dependent on climate control systems that may help you to save extra cash on your electric bills.


Dual Roller Window Shades is extremely beautiful and elegant and that is why they can highlight an important theme of your spaces and make them more attractive to your friends and relatives. They are ideal options if you are looking for window treatments with natural lines. They keep closely to the home window so you cannot find any excess fabric. We offer a huge selection of color and style to select from so that you will be able to choose the best design and style for your property.


Dual roller shades are incredibly simple to work with. They could be spring assisted, chain driven or completely motorized. The chain drive may be used to connect multiple blinds together so you can easily close and open these kinds of shades simultaneously. You will not need to reach to each shade individually. Just simply pull the chain or press the control key of a remote control and all your shades will adjust themselves just like you want. This is convenient in case you have home furniture in front of the window treatments.


Dual Roller Window Shades are extremely durable because of high quality components that are used by our specialists to manufacture those window treatments. We use long lasting metal tubes and high strong fabrics to make sure you get only positive experience from using dual roller shades. You can be sure that your dual roller shades will stay completely functional after they have been in use for many years. Also, Contempo Home Interiors dual roller shades will not fade from the sunlight seeing that we treat the fabric to protect against damaging impacts of Ultra violet rays.


Dual Roller Window Shades are extremely efficient in terms of home privacy simply because they can totally block the view through your window to help you enjoy privacy and comfort of your house.
In other words, dual roller shades are highly functional window treatments that can offer a clean and elegant look for your property. Our clients who set up these kinds of contemporary and fashionable window treatments report that the combination of translucent and blackout fabrics provides a pleasurable visual effect and charm. If you are looking for upgrade the style and elegance of your home, we highly recommend Dual Roller Window Shades that can be installed by our industry experts. Call us right now and we’ll be happy to work together with you on your next project.

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Miami Roller Window Shades

Contempo Interiors offers a complete variety of Miami Roller Shades options for its commercial and residential customers. South Florida is known for its beautiful yet occasionally extreme weather conditions, and Contempo provides you with all of the choices to help stay protected from the elements while still enjoying the outdoors with a superior selection of exterior shades. Contempo offers a wide selection of the best brands of commercial-grade light weight aluminum shades, zebra shades, roller shades, and cellular shades, zebra blinds, roller window shades, assuring that we cover the full spectrum of this very popular category!

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