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Custom Roman Window Curtains in Miami & Broward

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Custom Roman Window Curtains in Miami & Broward

Roman Shades provide consumers with the best of both worlds- elegant fabric combined with the soft feel of traditional window treatments. Roman Shades are also able to offer both privacy and light control with equal efficacy, making them particularly appealing.

Due to recent overall design improvements, Roman Shades can be easily raised and lowered and are made available in a variety of light filtering options.
Flat and Teardrop are the two most prominent styles of Roman Shades. Flat Style shades, as their name implies, lays flat against the window for a traditional look while the teardrop/hobbled style has the fabric that features a folded or “bunched” look at regular intervals. This serves to create a shuttered or blind effect.

Roman shades also come in two types of control styles, those being Top Down Bottom Up, where the user can control both the top and bottom edges of the shade, and Continuous Cord Loop, where a single loop of cord that does not shorten or lengthen is used for lowering or raising the shade. Roman Shades also offer various privacy settings that are rated differently by different manufacturers.

Benefits of Roman Window Shades

Roman Window Curtains are probably the most stylish ways to decorate a home window. They are often used as standalone home window treatments installed inside or outside of the window. Roman shades can be created by combining any kind of fabrics of your choice with a wide range of styles and colors available.
Important features:
-Simple & Practical to operate the shade
-Ecologic shades fabrics available for sale
Roman Window Curtains Available with Translucent fabric allowing personal privacy without compromising the natural light -getting into home environment
Roman Window Curtains Available in blackout fabric providing full absorption of light
-Classic style with the contemporary features allows to generate a feeling of comfort and elegance in any room in your home
-A variety of fabrics that allow you to achieve personal privacy and keep away the sunlight
-Easy maintenance and superior durability
-Customized to fit any kind of home windows.

Roman Window Curtains can be used in combination with roller shades which enable it to offer a layered look.
These superior quality Shades allow you to create a perfect match to your interior design. Standard and blackout linings are available for increased light control. Through innovative design and efficient assembly, Roman Shades offers great fashion elegance at affordable price; they are an amazing value in shading systems.

Roman shades usually are made from textile fabrics as a result their appearance will especially appeal to those customers who appreciate traditional design and want to create a warm and comfy atmosphere inside their houses.
The clean sensitive lines and folds of Roman shades give a nice appearance without the heavy look that is so frequently created by conventional curtains. Roman shades are a solution for anyone willing to add style and luxury to their home or simply decorate their home windows with a treatment that perfectly deals with blocking unwelcome light from the outside. Contempo Home Interiors is one of the top sellers of Roman shades in Miami, so you will be pleased to see our extensive variety of colours, materials, styles and designs in order to meet all your needs.
One of the best positive aspects that you get from our Roman shades is definitely the delicate and smooth feeling that they add to any home interior. Roman shades are very effective for rooms having a strong focus on design and style, such as living rooms or bedrooms. Roman shades will make any area look elegant and sophisticated. These simple improvements that are quite simple to operate definitely will serve you for many years, since their durability is almost limitless. Roman shades are still considered as one of the most beautiful solutions for covering of home windows and other openings. They produce a distinguished atmosphere that speaks from the owner’s unique aesthetic preference and makes any visitor feel relaxed and comfortable.
Finally, Contempo Home Interiors Roman Window Curtains are equipped with a continuous cord loop system or a chain loop system. Both are quite and easy to operate. The first option will be ideal for large windows just like terrace windows, as the second one will be more suitable for small windows.
Roman Shades from Contempo Home Interiors are offered with a unique modern colors, patterns and fabrics that have been created to improve your room decoration and add luxury to your house. Our Roman Shades will make your living area private and help you control the light with the finest variety of blackout and light filtering alternative options. Contempo Home Interiors shades will combine naturally and magnificence into the walls of your room, making the home furniture, floor surfaces and fashion accessories come alive as nothing you’ve seen before.

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Contempo Interiors offers a complete variety of Miami Roman Shades options for its commercial and residential customers. South Florida is known for its beautiful yet occasionally extreme weather conditions, and Contempo provides you with all of the choices to help stay protected from the elements while still enjoying the outdoors with a superior selection of exterior shades. Contempo offers a wide selection of the best brands of commercial-grade light weight aluminum shades, zebra shades, roller shades, and cellular shades, zebra blinds, zebra window blinds, Roman Window Curtains,  assuring that we cover the full spectrum of this very popular category!

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