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Custom Twin Window Blinds in Miami & Broward

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Twin Window Blinds in Miami & Broward

Twin Shades represent an optimal combination of the aesthetics of a natural woven Shade and the practicality of a roller shade in one unit. This results in an effective and appealing window treatment that insures its thorough comfort in whatever room Twin Shades are placed in.

Twin shades offer a design and functional advantage over simply mounting a roller shade behind a natural shade. Due to the fact that the roller shade liner is mounted below the natural shade’s headrail, it serves to considerably reduce the amount of mounting depth that is required.

Benefits of Twin Window Blinds

Twin window blinds provide you with an exclusive two in one setup that allows you to combine two different fabrics in one shade for one window. By setting up Twin window Blinds, during the day enjoy the view through a highly transparent light filtering fabric and at night, move over to a more opaque, even dim out fabric to eliminate light and ensure privacy. High quality Twin window blinds are provided by Contempo Home Interiors with complete range of fabrics and colors which can be used for both day and night to meet individual preferences.

Twin window blinds provide quiet and modern appearance, as long as providing privacy and light control. They roll is completely in the head area that also hides the blind and allows a very clear view outside your window. Twin shades are an exclusive solution that combines transparent fabric and blackout blind. The numerous strips of fabric slide over each other and the effect is an open and closed sense. One benefit of twin shades is that they can be totally enveloped in a box when not in use and offer amazing views outside,

Benefits using Twin Shades:

  • Light-weight blinds
  • Energy saving blinds
  • Ecological
  • Manual operating solutions
  • Convenient and smooth operation
  • Maximum light control
  • chain controls to guarantee your child safety

Standard Features:

  • The Twin shades are manufactured with a patent pending dual head rail system.
  • The two head rails of twin shades are high grade stained or painted pine.
  • Traditional Valance.
  • Cord lock controls on the Natural Woven (front) Shade.
  • Clutch controls on the Roller (back) Shade.
  • Twin Shades 1
  • Twin Shades 2
  • Twin Shades 3

Miami Twin Window Shades

Contempo Interiors offers a complete variety of Miami Window Twin Shades options for its commercial and residential customers. South Florida is known for its beautiful yet occasionally extreme weather conditions, and Contempo provides you with all of the choices to help stay protected from the elements while still enjoying the outdoors with a superior selection of Twin Window Blinds. Contempo offers a wide selection of the best brands of commercial-grade light weight aluminum shades, zebra shades, roller shades, and cellular shades, zebra blinds, zebra window blinds,Twin Window Blinds,  Twin Shades, assuring that we cover the full spectrum of this very popular category!

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