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Custom Zebra Blinds in Miami & Broward

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Custom Zebra Blinds in Miami & Broward

Zebra Shades are highly versatile, offering both sheer fabric and light filtering fabrics in the same shade. These shades derive their name from their unique zebra-like pattern that feature alternating strips of light filtering and sheer shades.

Zebra shades can be either raised or the fabric vanes can be aligned. Zebra shades can be utilized as either privacy or sheer shades depending on the alignment of the front and back sections of the fabric by the consumer.

Providing exceptional level of privacy and light control, zebra blinds are similar to roller blinds and honeycomb blinds for the reason that they combine light filtering and blackout fabrics in one. If you’re looking for a window treatment that provides visibility and a delicate light during the day and the full privacy at night, Contempo Home Interiors zebra blinds are your best solution, they can be installed in any room, from the bedrooms to the kitchen and the family room to the dining room.

Zebra blinds are one of the most wanted shading solutions that are provided by our company. When you look at the structure of these Zebra Window Shades, you can see that they are very similar to roller blinds. However, they have one particular feature which makes them be different among other types of window treatments. They are created of one continuous piece of fabric that combines transparent sun screen and solid blackout strips to ensure that when the first strips overlap the sunlight comes in and when the latter strips overlap the sunlight is blocked. This window treatment is excellent for their affordable cost, fascinating design and different light filtering options. Zebra Shades offer both elegance and efficiency that are great for almost any room in your house or business.

Benefits of Zebra Window Shades


There are a wide range of blinds that are effective in terms of thermal regulations and light control, however they miss a special shade of elegance and consequently cannot highlight your decorating scheme to make it even more attractive and elegant. Zebra blinds, on the other hand, have a very popular look that will perfectly combine with almost any contemporary interior decoration. Their striped design will captivate your guests and add extra decorative futures and options to your living space.


Why make an effort buying zebra blinds when you can purchase simple roller blinds seeing that they are really simple in operation and provide the same light blocking options? However, you should consider all the additional features that you can get with zebra blinds. Striped window treatments offer an even more functional system to regulation of natural light, With our Zebra Window Shades you have a wide range of variation, you can keep the windows open, produce semi-darkness or complete darkness with the minimal effort.


All of our blinds and shades can be made in different colors, patterns and shapes, however zebra blinds are especially different. If you decide to buy zebra shades, you will get a lot of choices. You can pick any material that suits you, you can combine these materials to obtain optimum light filtering properties and you can also decide the size of the stripes to generate a better view from the window.


Zebra blinds blocking the summer sunlight and therefore keeping your rooms cool during the whole day.


With our contemporary zebra blinds you can forget about strangers walking across the street. The unique design of zebra shades allows blocking the view totally and enjoying relaxed atmosphere and comfortable privacy. However, you are able to change the position of the stripes to get partial or total view from the window. Many of this flexibility are unique and cannot be compared to any other type of window treatment.
In case you are considering buying new blinds, our zebra shades may be your best choice. They will add natural beauty to your home and provide you with unique features that allow changing the amount of natural light and level of privacy in a more easy way. All zebra shades come in a wide range of colors and fabrics that are selected according to your preferences and specifications. Zebra Shades can be operated manually with a special chain or equipped with a motor drive which makes this type of window treatment incredibly easy to use and maintain. Zebra shades are very easy to clean. If you wipe them with a soft moist towel, they will serve you for many years without loss of quality and color. It is also worth to mention that due to their great design and simplicity, zebra blinds can be very long lasting. Steel tubes combined with strong superior quality fabrics will not fold or lose color even after many years.
In case you need a unique appearance to match your decoration, Contempo Home Interiors will be pleased to provide you with our extensive collection of fabrics and colors combined with the experience of our designers to suit your requirements and expectations. Zebra Window Shades can be installed in both residential and commercial spaces because of their outstanding light filtering qualities as well as modern and smooth beauty. Call us now and set up a free quote and measurements!!

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